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A change is gonna come: How to prepare for spring

With the new season comes a fresh new way to look at your home, garden and life. Making small changes can bring some much needed colour into your day and with the extra hours of sunlight on it’s way, your mood is about to change. Start doing more activities outdoors A study conducted and published […]

Do superstitions and rituals really help when moving into a new home?

As with many of life’s big decisions, buying a new home comes with certain traditions and rituals. But what is the truth behind those rituals and can they really work? A horse shoe by the front door, a meal of bread and salt or even the ancient art of smudging. What do they all mean […]

Buying off-the-plan: Is it right for you?

So, your initial plans have gone amok, have you thought of buying off-the-plan? Buying off-the-plan translates into putting a deposit down on an apartment or house that has yet to be built. You can see the design and layout but there is no physical space to move into at the time you pay the deposit. […]

Debunking 3 myths of buying a home

Myths of owning a home, don’t buy into them! When thinking about getting a home loan, you will receive oodles of advice from friends and family. In order to weed out the ridiculous from the reality, here are some debunked tales that you don’t have to worry about when weighing up whether its time to own. […]

3 home features that don’t add as much value as you think

Thinking of upgrading your current home to get a better price when it comes to sale? You might be surprised to learn that some popular additions might not give back as much as you put in. Let’s check out just a few of these fools gold features. 1) Swimming pool Swimming pools still remain as […]